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In order to receive your FREE DEMO please complete this form which should only take less than one minute.

We will create you an example website free of charge and with no obligation. If you wish to purchase the demo website, we can have it live and online within 24 hours.

Included in the price of ONLY £99
  • Domain registration (your website name).
  • 1 Years hosting (so your site is live and visible online)
  • Search engine submission (e.g. google)
  • Full freephone support
  • Free advice on how best to market your new website
  • 1 years FREE listing with

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Control Panel - Allowing you total control of the website's contents

Control Panel
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Included in the price of £99 you will receive your 8 page website (details below) and a control panel which will give you TOTAL control of the website's content.

Simply login (with the details we provide you) and you can edit any of the websites text, images (your photos), availability and prices etc.

The control panel is user friendly and very easy to use - no web skills are required! Its as easy as using a hotmail account.

Once your website is finished and online you have your online brochure - and total control over the content!

We will create you an 8 page website including the following sections - All our websites are search engine optimised

The main body of your website will comprise 8 pages, as detailed below, however additional 'sub pages' are also included in the price. These include standard legal pages such as terms and conditions, privacy statement and disclaimer text.

Homepage Facilites Location Local Info Availability
Home Facilites Location Local Info Availability

Home Page
This is your welcome page for your website visitors, and includes a general description of your property.
Facilities page
This page will include details of the interior of the property; bedrooms, kitchen, lounge etc. The facilities also includes a link to your 'Photo Gallery' which can contain unlimited pictures!
Location page
This will include a map of your region showing the exact location of your property, it will also include details of 'how to get there'.
Local info
It is important that you tell your potential customers as much as possible about the local area and places of interest - you can also include information about shops, bars, restaurants etc in the area.
Your site will include an availability chart which you can manage and update easily from your own PC.
This section will include a prices table, your T&C's and a booking/enquiry form which will e-mail your personal e-mail address each time you receive an enquiry.
This page will include which ever contact details you wish to display. E.g. telephone, email, mobile etc.
In order to assist your potential clients as much as possible, we will also include a 'links' page. This page will include whichever relevant links to other sites you choose. For example; car hire, ferries, tourist information, flights, travel insurance, etc. All links appear as a 'new window' so you can offer them all this useful info without them actually leaving YOUR website!

Prices Contact Links Privacy & Terms Control Panel
Prices Contact Links Privacy & Terms Control Panel