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French Property Owner Survey

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By completing this quick survey we will list your property with the following websites for 12 months

All data collected will be kept within accordance of the Data Protection Act 1998 & subsequent revisions thereof.

1. Please tell us in which region your property is located:
2. Do you presently advertise with:
3. Do you have your own website to promote your property? Yes
4. Have you ever considered having your own website to promote your holiday home? Yes
5. How would you best describe your knowledge about having your own website?
(a) You understand everything that your own website would entail.  
(b) You have a basic understanding of what your own website entails.  
(c) You have no understanding at all about what is involved with having your own website.  
6. If you had your own website would you know how to begin marketing it to help generate bookings to your property? Yes
Not sure
7. As a general idea; how much do you think a suitable website for your property would cost?
less than £100 £100 - £150 £150 - £200 £200 - £300
£300 or more No Idea
8. If you were aware of a company offering the following...
  • a free no obligation example website for your property - up to 12 pages of text and images
  • the finished version online, with 1 years hosting and your chosen website name for under £100
  • a simple to use control center for you to manage the website content (text, prices, availability, images)
  • full FREE PHONE telephone support
  • ongoing e-mail tips and advice on how to get the most from your new website
...would you be interested to see a free NO OBLIGATION demo? Yes   No   Not sure

9. Are you happy with your existing website? Yes   No   Not sure
10. Do you know if google has listed your website? Yes   No   Not sure
11. Have you ever heard of DMOZ? Yes   No
12. Do you know what google page rank means? Yes   No
13. Do you ever e-mail previous customers to remind them about your holiday home? Yes   No
14. Does your website have any third party websites linking to it?
not sure   one or two   ten or more
15. Do you ever travel to France by car ferry? Yes   No
If 'yes' which operator do you use the most

Thank you for completing the survey.

We will add your property to both and

Please provide us with your e-mail address and contact number so we can ensure that your property is listed correctly.


Please tell us one online source where we can view your property (in order for us to use an image and description for your property).


If you have any questions about any sections covered in this survey or would like to know more about dmoz etc, please feel free to e-mail us.